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Need Instant Cash For Your Business?

MalaysiaLoan provides you a SMALL BUSINESS LOANS or CASH ADVANCES to help your business grow and expand. You can get the required Fast Cash Loan in One Hour for any business purpose, even if it is not banking day.

Malaysia Loan Specialises in Fast Business Loans for Small Businesses in Malaysia For Loan Amount from RM500,000 to RM5,000,000 with

Lowest Interest Rate (1% – 1.5%)

and We Can Do That, from Application to Funding, in Less Than 1 Hour !

You can get Loan Amount up to 100,000

WITHOUT Guarantor & Mortgage.

Get Some Cash In Hand When You Need It. Pay It Off With Low Monthly Instalments. MalaysiaLoan Is Your Most Ideal Business Loan Provider.

It’s so SIMPLE, MalaysiaLoan can provide fast cash loans to help your business with easy and fast approval within 1 Hours available for amounts starting from RM50,000 onwards.

It’s Easy and Extremely Fast in Malaysia!

With Exciting Plans, Easy Repayment Scheme Options and Competitive Interest Rates (1% – 1.5%), MalaysiaLoan makes getting a Business Loan a hassle free experience!

9 Benefits Of The MalaysiaLoan Business Loan Package

  • Maximum Loan up to RM5,000,000

  • Easy Documentation

  • Fast Approval

  • Low Interest Rates : 1%1.5%

  • Personalized Service

  • Higher Approval Rates

  • Flexible Installment Plan

  • Privacy Protection

  • Quick Funding

We are Not the Bank; We Do Not Close Doors at 4PM

RM 10,000

RM266.67 / month

RM 50,000

RM1,583.33 / month

RM 100,000

RM3,166.66 / month

MalaysiaLoan Helped Many Businesses

  • Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs

  • Boutiques & Retailers

  • Seasonal Businesses

  • Developers & Contractors

  • Gifts, Flower Shops and Bookstores

  • Hair, Beauty Salons and Spas

  • SOHO & Internet Business

  • Manufacturers

  • Gas Stations and Mini-Markets

  • Lawyers & Accountants

  • Car & Car Accessories Dealers

  • Furniture Shops

  • Landlords & Shop Owners

  • Electrical Appliances

  • SME Companies Not Yet Profitable

Documents Needed


Front & Back

bank statement

of Company & Director x 6 month

form 24

Form 44, Form 49

Quick Cash Loans RM50,000 to RM5,000,000

How Much Do You Need?

fast loan easy loan

RM 10,000

RM266.67 / month

fast loan easy loan

RM 50,000

RM1,583.33 / month

fast loan easy loan

RM 100,000

RM3,166.66 / month

We have a LARGE amount of MONEY available to FUND you.

Ringgit Malaysia Loan

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fast loan easy loan

RM 10,000

RM266.67 / month

fast loan easy loan

RM 50,000

RM1,583.33 / month

fast loan easy loan

RM 100,000

RM3,166.66 / month - Malaysia Leading Licensed Moneylender & Loan Company